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Ion, in comics, may refer to:

  • Ion (DC Comics), an entity in the DC Comics universe. Ion is a benevolent symbiote that embodies willpower, the driving force behind the Green Lantern Corps and their power rings. When the entity has a host, the name Ion is often used as an alias by the hosting character, who include:
    • Kyle Rayner, a human member of the Green Lantern Corps and Ion's host while Hal Jordan is the host of Parallax, the DC Universe's malevolent and symbiotic fear entity, and during his exile
    • Sodam Yat, a Daxamite member of the Green Lantern Corps and Kyle Rayner's successor as Ion's host
  • Ion (Marvel Comics), a super villain in the Marvel Comics universe
  • I.O.N, a manga by Arina Tanemura

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