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Flinch was a Vertigo Comics horror anthology.

It ran 16 issues from June 1999 until January 2001 and featured the talents of Jim Lee, Bill Willingham, Frank Quitely and many others. Rumors of being canceled seemed to plague the book throughout its printing.[1]

Tim Truman said of the series: "...the best art I've done in any single comics story is on the "Brer Hoodoo" short story I did with Joe for Vertigo's Flinch anthology."[2]

Issue guide[edit]

# Date Cover Artist Story Story Writer Story Artist
1 June 1999 Phil Hale Rocket-Man Richard Bruning Jim Lee
Nice Neighborhood Jen Van Meter Frank Quitely
Wolf Girl Eats Bruce Jones Richard Corben
2 July 1999 Richard Corben Maggie and her Microscope Dean Motter Bill Sienkiewicz
Found Object Bob Fingerman Pat McEown
Food Chain Brian Azzarello Eduardo Risso
3 August 1999 Sue Coe Night Terrors John Rozum Kelley Jones
A Walk in the Park Scott Cunningham Marcelo Frusin
Satanic Garth Ennis Kieron Dwyer
4 September 1999 José Villarrubia A Gift of Friendship Kent Williams Kent Williams
Fair Trade Ty Templeton Ty Templeton
Playing Dead Bruce Jones Paul Gulacy
5 October 1999 Tim Sale Betrothed Joe R. Lansdale Rick Burchett
Peeping Bob Colin Raff James Romberger
Fumes Mark Wheatley Marc Hempel
6 November 1999 Kent Williams Dead Woman Walking William Messner-Loebs Duncan Fegredo
El Ogro Ivan Velez, Jr. Ho Che Anderson
The Day Wife Phillip Hester Ande Parks
7 December 1999 John Mueller Parade Devin Grayson Phil Jimenez
The Toy Jim Woodring Randy DuBurke
It Takes A Village Bill Willingham Bill Willingham
8 January 2000 Jae Lee Guts Greg Rucka James Romberger
You've Got Hate Mail Robert Rodi Marcelo Frusin
The Lotus Shoes John Kuramoto John J. Muth
9 February 2000 Alex Ross Mostly White Bruce Jones Dave Taylor
The Harvester Thom Metzger Sean Phillips
Sitter Steven T. Seagle John Estes
10 March 2000 Edvin Biukovic Last Call Brian Azzarello Danijel Zezelj
In the Pink Ken Rothstein Frank Teran
The Mule Tony Bedard David Lloyd
11 April 2000 Phil Hale Red Romance Joe Lansdale Bruce Timm
Emergent John Rozum Cliff Chiang
Prepacked Ian Carney Dave Taylor
12 May 2000 Mitch O'Connell Watching You Bruce Jones Frank Quitely
Tin God John Arcudi Ryan Sook
Mondays Scott Cunningham Essad Ribic
13 July 2000 Rick Berry Brer Hoodoo Joe R. Lansdale Tim Truman
The Story of a Nut Gone Bad... Roger Langridge Roger Langridge
The Shaft Brian Azzarello Javier Pulido
14 September 2000 Michael Wm. Kaluta Resolve Bruce Jones Berni Wrightson
Grave Wisdom Ted McKeever Ted McKeever
If Wishes Had Wings Darko Macan Tim Levins
15 November 2000 Dean Ormston A Night To Forget Paul Jenkins The Pander Bros
Watchful Lucius Shepard Chris Weston
The Future's so Bright Will Pfeifer Robert Valley
16 January 2001 Richard Corben The Wedding Breakfast Mike Carey Craig Hamilton
a temporary life. Charlie Boatner Philip Bond
DESCENT Guy Gonzalez Danijel Zezelj


Issue #11 won a Horror Writers' Association Bram Stoker Award for "Red Romance" by Joe R. Lansdale.[3] Issue #11 also received a nomination for a 2001 Will Eisner Comic Industry award for best cover artist (Phil Hale).


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